The Vicious Crew — dedicated to your experience.


Tanya Weeks, Director, Rhythm Rider Master Trainer

"Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear".

As a fanatic indoor cyclist for over 10 years Tanya was looking for a big box gym alternative to vary her outdoor training when she moved from Melbourne to Bondi Beach.

During her search for a stand alone cycle studio l came across various forums and blogs from people looking for the same thing and instantly identified a gap in the market. Taking all the things she enjoyed in a cycle class and thinking about the ones she felt were missing she came up with the concept for Vicious Cycle. She founded Vicious Cycle in 2011, Vicious Body in 2014 and Vicious Ed. in 2017.

Tanya has Certificate 3 in Fitness, Schwinn Cycling Certification and Les Mills trained in RPM. The key principles she has based Vicious Cycle on, music, energy and first class coaching she has many years of experience in delivering.

Tanya's passion and energy for fitness and more importantly of indoor cycling is infectious and she passes that on to each and every rider that passes through the door.



Danielle Duchesne - Rhythm Rider Leader

"Life is a balance of holding on and letting go".

Danielle found her passion in Rhythm Riding as she transitioned from pursuing dance as a career. Her journey started 3 years ago in Melbourne where she quickly fell in love with leading classes and taking clients on whirlwind experience of movement, music and emotion. During that time, Danielle spent a lot of time travelling and experiencing Rhythm Riding all over the globe, soaking up each and every experience to bring back to the bike.

She recently relocated to Sydney to continue her personal growth in this field, and hopes that clients leave stronger, sweatier, and with a whole new perception each time they ride. Danielle also teaches Lagree Fitness, barre classes, primal movement, amongst other styles, and is currently learning to DJ. She has her own blogspot, and will be writing weekly Vicious blogs that focus on reaching out and connecting with the Vicious Cycle community.



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Naomi Lang - Rhythm Rider Leader

“The best way out is always through.”

A Melbournian with a Bostonian accent Naomi has been an athlete her entire life.  A rower for the last 10 years, half of that time with the team at Harvard University in Boston, MA. After graduation, Naomi found indoor cycling and swapped boats and blades on the river for bikes and lights in a loud, rhythmic room.

Naomi moved to Sydney in September ’17, and her goal was to find a new cycle studio. She was instantly drawn to the Vicious mind-body workout and after just a few classes, sh knew she was destined to become an instructor there. Her goal on the podium is to lead the room through an epic music and movement experience. Naomi teaches and trains like an athlete and views her riders as her team. Your goals are her goals and the best way to achieve them is together, through power and positivity. So, come ride with her!