Breaking the "ATTACHMENT" Cycle by Tanya Weeks

We are brought into this world attached. It’s no wonder we spend the rest of our lives trying to understand our attachment styles and then break out of them. If only is was as simple as cutting the cord at birth. But what if it could be?

As infants and children we develop a dependency. Without someone to care for us we have no chance of survival. We are nurtured, developed and along the way we adopt the ideas and beliefs of our child carers. As we grow into our own inner selves we begin to see the world through our own eyes and the journey of our life really begins. Some of us are lucky enough to begin our life work early. Discovering our why, our purpose. Others can take a long time to get there. And it’s not surprising.

We are told very early in our lives to set goals. We must excel in school to get into university, we must excel in university to get a good job. We need the good job to earn enough money. When we have enough money we can be happy. We should be married by a certain age, kids by then too. That’s what everyone does, why not you too?

Whose beliefs are those? Did we adopt someone else’s or did we create our own? And what kind of message is this delivering? That if we don’t succeed at achieving one or any of these does that mean we have failed?

It’s time to create a new message. Learn to continuously keep cutting the cord.

What if instead of learning attachment styles we learn to let go. Im not saying don’t set the goals. Im all for living the dream. But we spend so much of our lives expecting, connected, ATTACHED to an outcome. We try to control everything in our lives so that they play out the way we want them too. And when they don’t, disappointment, let down, heart break, loss. And each time we experience this we inadvertently add another layer of fear, doubt, insecurity.

How many times have you been told to get back up and fight? Or if you really want something you better go out and get it?

What if we instead we surrendered and let go?

This is not permission to walk away. This is not permission to give up. This is surrendering to the control, the fight, the all consuming focus and need to achieve. Because what is meant to be really will be. And with all the emotional and mental freedom we create from that, we can find space to sit into the one and only thing that is going to really get us to where we are meant to be.. and that is in ourselves.

The only thing that is guaranteed for sure is us. The thoughts we think, the choices we make, the way we, speak react and behave. EVERYTHING ELSE IS NOT OURS TO CONTROL. The more time we spend unattached to outcome, things, people and needs, the more time we get to spend showing up to us. And its there in that space we find content, happiness, fulfillment.

A very dear friend said to me once “be clear on the vision, trust the plan” . It’s a life long practice but lm doing the work.


I want you to Imagine you are holding a bottle of water in your hand, 

This bottle takes no effort to pick up and no effort to hold, The bottle seems reasonably light and unless you actually weigh it you have no idea of how heavy it really is.

Lets Imagine that you hold the bottle for a few minutes what do you think will happen? You probably notice very little change, you feel fine.

But lets say you hold that bottle for a bit longer now, say a few hours.. your arm would probably begin to ache start to hurt start to fatigue.

What if you held that same bottle for 24 hours, Your arm would practically go numb it could feel like it was going to fall off or you would at least be in severe pain.

We need to understand that the weight of the bottle did not change during that time the only thing that changed was how long you where holding it.

This bottle represents your challenges your problems , your worries, your anxieties about uncertainty and your attachments to the things that are holding you back and the things you cannot change.
Realizing that the longer you hold onto them the more pain they can do to us.


I will never let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.
But too often it is our very own shoes which are bringing in the dirt attached to them.

To have it, to have life and to have its pleasures you must at the same time let go of it. Don’t hold on too tight, don’t smother it don’t squeeze the life out of it. 
Pleasure in its fullness cannot be experienced when one is grasping it.

Love without attachment. 
and then you can be perfectly free.

Breaking The Bad Food Cycle.

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We spend such a short amount of time with our riders each week. 45mins 2-3 times week. We are so invested in ensuring their experience is the best it can be while they are in with us, so they can carry that with them once they leave the room. Outside of that its almost impossible to impact their lives in any other way. Unlike a PT, group fitness leaders can see up to 500+ people a week and while we want to be more invested in how they balance their lives outside our classes, the reality is, its almost impossible. So the best we can do sometimes is lead by example.

We all know by now that any results we attach to weight loss are more about what and how much we eat, rather than what and how we train. But the importance of what we eat and how we fuel our bodies is so much bigger than loosing weight. 

FOOD IS MEDICINE. The words say it all. What we consume can prevent/lower the risk of illness and disease, it enables our bodies to heal, repair, function, grow. What we consume has an impact on our digestive system that in turn effects our skin, our sleeping patterns and the list goes on. 

With so many diets around, some that specifically relate to allergies or intolerances, others just out right fads, how do we know where to begin? And how do we know outside the general knowledge of foods that are bad for us such as deep fried, high sugar, high fat ect foods, what kind of foods may not be having a positive reaction in our bodies such as gluten and diary? 

Well the simple answer is. REMOVE THEM ALL! By illiminating and reintroducing food groups, not only will you discover how effectively your body can function and how good you will feel but you will also discover what your body doesn't particularly process well when you start to put them back in one by one.

To do this effectively will cost you nothing but time? How much you ask? 30 days. And if you think that is a long time to invest in becoming the best version of you, then you have much further to go than you think! ANYONE CAN DO ANYTHING for 30 days. 

Does it work? Well, thousands and thousands of people claim it does and we do too. Because we are seeing the effect and result in front of our very own eyes. One of our own beloved leader Naomi Lang took the 30 day Whole30 challenge.  We asked her to document her journey. Why she wanted to take the challenge, how she feels so far on it and what shes discovering from it. 


Here is Part 1 of her journey:


Whole30: 1/3 By Naomi Lang

I’ll be the first to admit, I have no issues with staying active. If I’m not spinning at Vicious Cycle, I’m running, walking or stretching on a yoga mat. However, one thing I’ve always struggled with is eating. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a completely healthy relationship with food, be it eating too much or too little or not enough of the good stuff. 


So when a few of my friends told me they’d completed Whole30, I decided to read up on the program. Here’s the high-level overview of it: 


  • 30 days of no alcohol, no dairy, no gluten, no legumes and no processed foods or artificial sugars
  • 30 days of eating meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds
  • Note: It’s basically 30 days of being paleo


My first instinct was to shudder thinking of all the bread and ice cream I’d miss. But since I was feeling so “blah” after the Easter weekend (Cadbury Humpty Dumpty - Felt great when I was 8 years old, not so much at 24) I decided to embrace Nike and just do it. Side: I also despised the thought that I couldn’t do this and my competitive athlete side took over. I can do anything for 30 days!


1/3 Whole30 Reflections: 

  • There were slight tension headaches after giving up my daily bread, but they only lasted a few days
  • I’ve learnt to cook like a real adult! I’m only talking roasting vegetables and meat but hey, we all have our own mountains to climb
  • I started sleeping better. And I mean legitimately passing out the minute my head finds the pillow
  • I stopped craving junk food since I started feeling quite full off massive salads and vegetable/protein dishes
  • I also kicked my sweet tooth. Considering I used to down a pint of Ben & Jerry’s like it was air, fruit now tastes super sweet to me… who am I?!
  • In terms of fueling for spin classes and workouts, sweet potatoes and dried fruit have been perfect
  • My skin is clearing up!
  • My energy levels during the day are more stable. No more sugar highs and crashes. Also no more using food to stress eat since so  many of my favorite stress eat foods are off limits
  • I’m legitimately astounded at how high-functioning my mind and body are despite not having any grains/carbohydrates/sugars - Who knew?!
  • Weight loss, though not the aim, is naturally happening!


Stay tuned for how I feel completing the next 20 days, but so far SO GOOD. I 100% recommend this if you want to develop a healthier relationship with food, understand how your body reacts to certain foods or you just want to challenge yourself to some clean eating habits!


Resources that I’ve found helpful:


The Practice of Living in the Present


We live in a city where life is so fast paced. We are always planning for the future, looking forward to tomorrow, thinking about where we want to be, should be, need to be. We juggle careers, families, partners. We are constantly showing up for others often putting them before ourselves. We are lucky to eat well, let alone food prep and if we don't get up at 5.30am to workout we struggle to find another 45mins to an hour in our day to dedicate to ourselves. In a world that looks like this, how on earth do we find the time or the space to live mindfully?

Mindfulness isn't just about the thoughts we think. Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing. It's a practice not a process and it is definitely something we don't practice enough of. In fact we often do the opposite. We find things to help us escape, addictions that make us feel better, higher, numb. But these are quick fixes.

Everywhere you go, there you are.  Mindfulness works, in part, by helping people to accept their experiences—including painful emotions—rather than react to them with aversion and avoidance. So what if instead of running away, we showed up instead?

Mindfulness is not a special thing we do. Everyone already has the capacity to be fully present, and it doesn’t require us to change who we are. But it does take time to cultivate by simple practices that will not only benefit ourselves, but our loved ones, our friends and neighbors, the people we work with and everyone we engage with. 

Mindfulness improves our over all well-being. Being mindful means you enjoy life NOW.

"The only thing we know that is guaranteed for sure, is right now" - Oprah. 

When we focus on here and now, we are less likely to get caught up in worries about the future or regrets over the past, we worry less about concerns about success and self-esteem, and are better able to form deep connections with others.

Mindfulness improves physical health. 

"You can't out train a bad mind, the body just won't follow"

Mindfulness can help relieve stress, lower blood pressure and improve sleep. 

Mindfulness can also improve mental health.

So how do we practice mindfulness? 

Well the good news is we don't have to change to begin. We all have the ability to live a fully present life and it can be as simple as starting with the awareness of distraction. No go zones for the phone. Choose to leave the phone in your bag when you are with others, in meetings, family time, dinner/lunch ect. This could be a good place to start. But for those looking to dive in a little deeper....

Take a Break and Meditate. 

Mediation is any form of mindful technique. The practice of brining the mind into the present state. Paying attention to thoughts and sensations without judgment. Allowing them to come and go without attachment.

There are many forms of meditation and you can choose how far you want to dive in. But taking time in your day to sit in stillness, focus on your natural breathing or on a word or “mantra” that you repeat silently, allowing your thoughts to come and go without judgment will over time help you become more aware that you can control the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel and live a more peaceful life. 

You can spend one minute, one hour or one day on it. Checking in instead of checking out. That's the practice. And it's life long. We won't master it ever because life is a journey of love and lessons that are continuoulsy challenging us to change us. But when we are living more fully present we can learn to appreciate the LOVE, trust in the LESSONS and let go of the pain. 

Guided Meditations can be sourced on Youtube and Podcasts. Recommended Podcasts include Hay House Meditations and Abraham Hicks. 


How to Kick Start The Sprung in your Spring?

SPRING! It's a season we all look forward to all winter. Longer days and warmer weather brings with it motivation and inspiration to leap into our fitness routine and healthy eating plans. But sometimes it's not as simple as flicking the switch on when September 1 ticks over. We can still be stuck in a slump, carrying a little extra weight, feeling low on energy or simply overwhelmed with where to start. 

l sat sown with Vicious Cycle crew leader Karl who is also a qualified personal trainer and asked him for his top tips on how to kick start the SPRUNG in your SPRING.

We often hear people say: "Im not fit enough for Spin" or "l need to get fitter before l can do that". How can people get moving and motivated to get into a training routine?

1. Start with the Basics

Get moving. We underestimate how little we move each day particularly people stuck behind a desk all day. Most phones have a Health App now or you can download a tracker that records your daily steps. The minimum daily requirement is 10, 000 steps. Walk to the train or the bus or get off a few stops before your closest one. Take stairs instead of the elevator. Arrange movement meetings around the office or the block and definitely use your lunch breaks to do a few laps around the nearest park or just around the block. It doesn't require long distances to hit the 10, 000 minimum so as you start to move more aim to hit that on the way to work and then again on the way back. You will be up to 20, 000 in no time!

2. Power Bands

These are great to keep in the house or take to work with you. They are an excellent tool to start using to build strength and open up your posture and increase mobility. You can find these bands in Rebel and Google search exercises to complete during lunch or before and after work. 

3. Find Something That You Love

Enjoying your training will ensure that will keep you going back more regularly. Group training is a great way to keep you motivated and to meet like minded people that make you feel part of a team or community. Big gyms can be intimidating and leave you unsure of where to start. Group training is instructor lead always offering you guidance and support. 

So we now have a few tips on how to kick start moving our body but we know it comes down to more than that. What are the three top tips for how we can start to better nourish our bodies as we try to move away from the heavy comfort foods of winter and into a lighter cleaner nutrition plan for spring?

1. Water Intake 

We know we need to drink it but we definitely don't drink enough. 3-4 litres a day is what we should be aiming for. Pick yourself up a 1 litre jug to help with accountability and keep it on your desk at work. Glasses can be too hard to keep track of. Make sure you top up the jug twice during your day and drink them both by the time you head home. There's 2 litres in the day. Fit one in before and after work and you have hit your daily target.

2. Vegetables

We all know they are good for us but do we know we should be eating 8 serves a day? A serve can be looked up or an easy way to measure without tools, one serve is equal to the size of the palm of your hand. If we are eating 3 serves at dinner and 3 at lunch you need to find 2 x snacks in your day to fill in the rest. 

3. Eliminate Processed Foods

We hear CLEAN EATING thrown around a lot but they are never referring to how we wash our food. Clean eating is more about our foods stripped back or as little interference or manufacturing as possible between harvest and reaching your plate. Removing packaged foods from your meals can be a great way to start introducing more nutrients and less additives to your meals. But watch out for the sauces! Sometimes these can have more sugars, salts and other ingredients that cancel out all the fresh produce you have just prepared. 

So there it is. Starting somewhere doesn't have to be overwhelming or even an all in all out approach. We always promote that health and fitness should be a lifestyle. Small daily changes can lead to more long term results. Set yourself a goal to introduce something new each week or increase to a new level. You want to set yourself up to succeed not fail. Finding something you feel apart of, a community or small studio, can make training feel more enjoyable. Most importantly it should make you feel good going in and even better on the way out! 

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Breaking the Vicious Cycle

It's been 6 years this month since l was a naive little entrepreneur with a HUGE vision to open an indoor cycling studio in Bondi Beach. It has been the most defining and changing experience of my life. You run on excitement and adrenaline in the first year and if you are lucky to survive your own business beyond that then the real lessons begin to kick in. 

For me the business development side was easier. By far not easy but definitely easier.  You have so many people you can turn to for support and guidance and advice. None specific to what l was doing but business is business and basic principles apply. 

The hardest part of the journey has been the personal development. That hits you in the face pretty early. You are confronted with so many things that you need to deal with when you go out on your own. It begins to surface sides of your personality, your thoughts and your emotions that you cannot run from. Suddenly there is no manger, no boss, no other departments, no one to hide behind or turn to that will help you make decisions. Its just you. And you have to own everything. 

There have been two major defining moments of change for me. About 18 months into Bondi l lost my dog of 12 years. Its hard at any time in your life to experience loss. But add that to physical, financial and emotion burn out and its a landslide. l heard that reference to rock bottom recently on a podcast and it resonated so deeply for me when l heard it. l could relate. Landslide is the ultimate description for what that feels like when you go through it in your life. Rock Bottom. You are in a state of crisis. Everything feels like its slipping away from your life and you have no control. The first time l went through it l didnt have the insight or the tools to know how to manage it. Nothing l wasnt already familiar with though, thats standard as an entrepreneur. But with the support of family and friends l got through it. As much as l love them though it was me who pulled me through. Its can only really ever be you.

When you come through crisis some amazing things begin to happen. We transform. But in order to transform we need to sit still in the pain of the crisis because in the pain is where we realise we are alone. Its a pain that the love of family and friends cannot feel or change for us or even take away. Its only when we allow ourselves to really feel this lonliness that we discover everything we need to know to become the people we are meant to be.

When our transformation begins to unfold we realise what we held onto during the landslide. The things that were so true to us that they could not be taken away. Love and Passion. Belief and Hope. You also discover strength. In the depth of our fears we have two choices. To stand still and find strength or run and escape and find weakness. We have a choice. What lve learnt is running never gives us relief its brings more suffering. Standing still and facing fear brings us strength and lessons. We need to face it until we've learnt what its been sent to teach us. 

The second defining moment of change for me has been over the past 18 months. The saying be careful what you wish for couldn't have been more applicable to me at the end of my lease term at Bondi. l was tired and was struggling taking on too much and l wanted out. It was the easy option. Weakness runs.  As much as l learnt to develop over the 4 years l hadn't learnt the most important lessons l needed to by that point yet. l was living most days in suffering. Attached to outcomes and fears. l wasnt present and l was still vibrating at a super sonic level with no clear vision of intension and unable to manifest the life and business l wanted. l wasnt  aware of how to become the best version of me. 

After moving out of Bondi l took a break. l new things needed to change l just didnt know what or how. l just knew l wanted normal for a while. The biggest lesson l had learnt up to that point was just that. l wasnt normal. l didnt think, react or behave remotely close to anything that resembles normal. But l wanted to see if l could experience normal.

In order to realise the things we do want, we first need to experience the things we don't. l took a job. 9-5, pay check, broad group of people. The experience, a whole other blog which l will write. The outcome. Was like trying to shove a square peg in a round hole. It was never going to work. But what did work was it became clear to me what my personal legend was, my purpose and the sacrifices l thought ld made up to that point did not come close to the sacrifices l was making to earn that pay check. In fact up to the point l took the job l hadnt sacrificed a thing. l had invested. 

The last 3 months have been probably the most defining leap in growth of my life. The past 6 years an entire transformation of which l have no doubt will continue because we are always learning. When l left the job it took me a while to connect with anyone that was tied to it. They didnt get me. In order to fit into their world l needed to change all the things that equip me to survive mine.  It was still a very hard decision to walk away from security when you've been through so much on your own in the past but l knew l was different and things were different and l was equipped with new tools and more importantly the things that no one could take away from me. And people noticed, in my classes and in my life. Something big had shifted. 

VC in the CBD is not only a new start. Its a new program. After travelling l realised how outdated indoor cycling was in this country and we needed to change it. Not just that though, l had changed. When you face fear and you embrace the lessons there to be taught you become so connected and aware you cant help but want to pay it forward. Ive learnt the hard way that you cant rescue people but you can inspire them. My method of teaching has evolved as l have and now we inspire, motivate and allow you to escape in order to achieve results. We find positivity and empowerment has an enormous impact on breaking the Vicious Cycle we find ourselves stuck in with negative thoughts, fears and emotions and we are seeing it in our classes and hearing it from our riders. 

We've created the ultimate mindbody experience from our own experience and now we get to share it and spread it to you and for that l am truly blessed, eternally grateful and bloody proud of all things Vicious.


T xoxo 

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Thailand Training.. The Ultimate Fitness Experience.

It's hard to explain to someone who hasn't trained in Thailand before what exactly makes the experience so incredible. Most people who have followed my journey on both trips would read some of my posts and think, what on earth could possibly be so appealing about training two to three hours a day, in high humidity, high heat climate, pushing yourself so hard you have to leave mid class to throw up and then you cant move for hours post workout. It's something you have to be in yourself to understand. Because there is a reason why those that leave to throw up come back and keep pushing and those that cant stand up post class rise to do it again. Its their purpose. Their end result they turned up in the first place to achieve. 

Ive never been in any other fitness environment before where lve seen every single person put in 200%. Ive built a community that have worked hard for me and for themselves in a class but its not every single person in every single class every single time. Sometimes l wonder why someone decided to turn up to class at all. l didn't force them. But the excuses, the l cant, the defeated energy before the class has even begun... it's an impossible battle to win. Not in Thailand. You see the fear in their faces, but the determination is in their eyes. 

Not everyone there arrives fit. Not everyone there is strong or lean or in the best body they could be in. But they all have the same purpose. To change something. There are more people there for the mental result than the physical. The Physical is the bonus. When you push past the mental battle, through the heat, through the pain and through the points where the body fails you come out on the other end knowing you can achieve anything. And THAT's the addiction. The feeling of being invincible. You begin to wonder how far you can go and then you start to see the physical results and from there.. you never want to leave.

l haven't met anyone ready to leave.. ever. In fact some people never do! What was meant to be a two week trip turns into two months, two years. This village of fitness becomes a controlled environment.. a safe place. Like minded people are everyone. There's always someone within an arms length of you running down the road with a tyre around their waist, sprinting up Hallam Hill or the sounds of Mauy Thai training travelling through the air. Most restaurants only offer a "Healthy Menu" some even have the Protein/Carbs/Fats/Cal breakdown next to every meal so you can control your nutrition intake. There are raw bars and smoothie bars on every corner and countless massage parlours where you can have your sore tight muscles released and stretched for $12 an hour. This village of fitness makes it very easy for you to do what you came to do.. train to break point. Every single class, multiple times a day. Because at the end of the workout there is no work to go to, no food to make, no family to attend, no laundry... nothing. Just recovery time. A swim, a sleep, food and then repeat. 

Surrounded by so many inspiring people you become part of the community pretty quickly. You see familiar faces in each class and everyone is motivating and supporting each other to get through the workout. The trainers are some of the best in the world but in the classes are also some of the best trainers in the world, their energy, their fitness level, their work rate is always inspiring, its never intimidating. You never get left behind and you never feel like you're on your own. You're a part of something. You carry it into class, you carry it out of class and you definitely carry it home. 

Thailand for me has become my go to place to be better. Better mentally. All the other results are an incredible bonus. It allows me to continue to do what l do well here but is never easy. Im so grateful to be in a position where l can influence others to also want to become better. Whether that's physically or mentally better. This experience in Thailand.. ld love everyone to try it once. You go there with so much to loose but come back with so much more gained.  SO worth the journey. 

Join us September 1st - September 10 2016 for the next trip of a lifetime. Full package details on out event page. 



The Vicious Journey by Founder Tanya Weeks

Knowing what l know now.. what would l change or would l do it again if l knew? The two most asked questions l get and the answers.. just as complex as the journey! You have an idea and all of a sudden that idea is evolving into a concept. You board the bullet train and there are no stops ahead. That is what the past 4 years have been like for me. A one way ticket to somewhere unknown, travelling so fast all you can do is fight like hell to stay on and hope that when you get there it was worth the ride. When you are in such unfamiliar territory your time is so consumed learning, driving, surviving but every now and then you have moments where you question how did this happen? How did l get here? Well here's a little insight into how....


l moved to Sydney 6 years ago and made Bondi Beach my home. As a runner l was determined to use the coast for my training and avoid a big box gym, l was fed up with paying for long locked in memberships, being swiped in the reception mechanically without a hello or even eye contact sometimes, waiting in line for classes, getting on old, broken or run down bikes and machines, cycling to bad music, bad instructors and poor sound. The only indoor training l wanted to continue was spin. As a participant for over 10 years in the classes l loved the intensity and results achieved in the interval based training program and wanted to continue it. l started to look for stand alone spin studios on the internet and couldn't find one. In my research l came across many people looking for the same thing and couldn't understand why it hadn’t been done. Broadening my search l found multi stand alone studios all over the US and again, considering there is Yoga, Pilates and PT studios, l couldn't understand why no one here had developed a model for a spin studio.

At the time l was a buyer in the fashion industry. Not fulfilled in my job, a passion for the fitness industry, the skill to motivate and inspire people and a whole lot of excess energy and no where to direct it, l started to seriously consider developing a model for a studio. Having recently split from an 8 year relationship ( hence the move to Sydney) l had some properties l was selling and some capital to reinvest. At that point l was finding myself in a position where l needed to decide if l wanted to stay in a well paid unfulfilled job or take a risk with no fitness or cycling background and be the first in Sydney and pretty much the county to develop and open a stand alone spin studio based on what l considered to be the ultimate spin experience. Right at that point, l got made redundant. l knew what l had to do, so l went to school and studied fitness and l trained hard to be an instructor. l sold my properties, found a consultant in the US with multi stand alone spin studios, found an agent and a lease all within 4 months. Everything fell into place and 9 months from the day l was made redundant l opened Vicious Cycle.

The vision for the brand was always to create my own activewear and swim label under the Vicious umbrella. One of the many amazing things to come out of the studio so far are the people l have met and incredible friends l have made. Meeting Jo in the studio, seeing her love for the brand and hearing about her fashion experience and successful career in the industry on a lounge by the pool in our villa on a Vicious Cycle retreat in Bali, l knew she was the one to bring that vision to life. l could not have been blessed with a better partner to share this part of the journey with.

And so it begins, our first collection Vicious Body Black is launching now and a new part of the dream is being fulfilled. l stop and think at times am l really doing this again? I'm not sure l could do it any other way! The VC journey so far has been the classic entrepreneur story.. big idea, undercapitalised, highs, lows, successes and failures. Each experience defining the brand, sculpting the product and building the community. If l changed one thing would l be where l am now? The answer is no. l wouldn't change a thing.

It hasn't been easy. In fact it's been the single most hardest thing l will probably ever do in my life. It has completely changed me, changed how l see the world, see others and most importantly how l see myself.

So that answer.. if l knew before l went into it how hard it would be would l do it again?

Insight.. it's what you wait so long for as an entrepreneur but it's the one thing that would stop you doing it if you had it! l don't spend much time looking back.. only forward. When the road ahead looks so good why would l look any other way? l guess that's what keeps me on the train, l may not know where lm going, but l've learnt l don't need to, l just need to trust that if l can visualise it l can create it, and if you can't see the road ahead then maybe you need to consider changing the journey. My journey.. well it's only just begun. It's been one hell of a ride so far but l already know it's been totally worth it.

T xx