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Looking for a WINTER-VENTION?


Join us this August for a month of SPIN STRENGTH and STRETCH to put a SPRING in your SPRING. We will strengthen you both physically and mentally as you take on an average of 7 classes a week working the body mind and spirit.


We have teamed up with our friends at F45 Townhall to cover your additional strength training during the month. You will have online access to book into 5 strength session on their schedule which are held on Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays. You must complete all 5 sessions to complete the challenge.

Need more strength?

We will also be incorporating resistance bands into our cycle classes during the challenge. The bands will bring a whole new focus on strength training into the room allowing is to work more muscle groups across the entire body.


We all know how tight the body can get during excessive training. Its important to not only spend some time stretching it effectively but also ensuring you are increasing your flexibility.

Every Sunday 10am throughout the challenge we will be adding on a Yoga Flow class to the schedule that can also add to your class tally. We know Sundays can be hard to get in to the CBD but there are 5 of them this August! We are so serious about ensuring you spend time stretching out the work you do that we are making 2 classes of Yoga compulsory to complete as part of the 30 classes. Spin followed by a flow class is always a beautiful combo so the double will make it worth your while at least twice during the month.


Complete your 7 compulsory classes on the 30/30 challenge and that leaves you only 23 spins to tick off during the month! Increase your Yoga to 4 sessions and its 21. That’s an average of 5 classes a week! 2 doubles and a single class and you can even schedule in 2 days of rest if you plan your weeks right! And it will take that. Lots of planning, prepared eating and proper sleep. You can do this! Its an EPIC challenge.


Purchase an unlimited Challenge Pack for $300. That’s $10 a class! You get:

  • 5 x F45 Stregth Sessions (Value $150)

  • 4 x Yoga Sessions (Value $120)

  • 21 Cycle Classes (Value $378)

Already on Unlimited? Top up to the challenge Pack for $100 to include the additional classes.

During the month all challengers will go into the draw to win weekly Infra-red sauna sessions and FIT NUTRITION recovery packs. PLUS all challengers that complete the challenge go into the draw to win a MONTH FREE of cycle classes, their own BREAK THE CYCLE Tank and their very own pair of Shimano Cycle Shoes! Total prize Value is $440.


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to Nov 25


Imagine waking up to lush green grass and trees as far as the eyes can see on a remote hill top in a secluded house in Kangaroo Valley. Unwind on arrival with a yin and gin and meditation practice before a family dinner and vino by the log fire (if weather is cool at night).

Start your next morning with vinyasa flow on the deck followed by a healthy big brunch. The day is then yours to laze around in the sun, kayak down the river, horse ride or hike before rejoining at the house for a bbq and sundowners. 

Sunday morning we kick off with a sweat and stretch session on the deck followed by a final breakfast before checkout at 11am. 

This balanced breakation is about checking out completely from Sydney, from stress, from anything that needs escaping and grounding yourself with like minded people before the crazy Christmas season kicks in. 

The package for the weekend has a 2 or 3 night option depending on if you can take the Friday off and includes:

- 2 or 3 night share accommodation YEOLA HOUSE (click on the link below for more info)
- all meals 
- all training and yoga sessions 

Package price: 
2 nights $395
3 night $495

Retreaters will need to BYO booze and yoga mat. 

We only have 6 places available so if you would like to break out and join our beautiful weekend away please confirm by return  and forward payment to:

BSB: 012013
ACCOUNT: 312022508

Credit card payments accepted please email if you prefer to process this way. 

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to May 30


This May we invite you to BREAK THE BAD FOOD CYCLE. 

We are so invested in our community. We love nothing more than watching them grow stronger and fitter both physically and mentally. But the challenge for us is impacting them on a greater and wider level. When we see 500+ people a week its almost impossible to help educate and advise them anything outside the program we deliver to them on the inside of the studio. Most importantly on how, how do we inspire a group to make the best decisions individually when it come to what they consume?

We all know by now that any results we attach to weight loss are more about what and how much we eat, rather than what and how we train. But the importance of what we eat and how we fuel our bodies is so much bigger than loosing weight. 

FOOD IS MEDICINE. The words say it all. What we consume can prevent/lower the risk of illness and disease, it enables our bodies to heal, repair, function, grow. What we consume has an impact on our digestive system that in turn effects our skin, our sleeping patterns and the list goes on. 

With so many diets around, some that specifically relate to allergies or intolerances, others just out right fads, how do we know where to begin? And how do we know outside the general knowledge of foods that are bad for us such as deep fried, high sugar, high fat ect foods, what kind of foods may not be having a positive reaction in our bodies such as gluten and diary? 

Well the simple answer is. REMOVE THEM ALL! By eliminating and reintroducing food groups, not only will you discover how effectively your body can function and how good you will feel but you will also discover what your body doesn't particularly process well when you start to put them back in one by one.

To do this effectively will cost you nothing but time! How much you ask? 30 days. And if you think that is a long time to invest in becoming the best version of you, then you have much further to go than you think! ANYONE CAN DO ANYTHING for 30 days. 

SO... this month's challenge is WHOLE30. 

For 30 days we want you to strip back everything you consume. Removing certain food groups completely that can be having a negative impact on you without you even realizing. 

By eliminating the most common craving-inducing, blood sugar disrupting, gut-damaging, inflammatory food groups for a full 30 days your body will have a chance to heal and recover from whatever effects those foods may be causing. You will learn:

1.  How the foods you’ve been eating are actually affecting your day-to-day life

2. The long term health, body composition, and feelings around food.

3. The most important of all... HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

This will change your life.

It will change the way you think about food. It will change your tastes. It will change your habits and your cravings. It will restore a healthy emotional relationship with food, and with your body.


INTERESTED? Need proof? Our very own beloved leader Naomi Lang is on her own 30day Whole30 challenge. Read Part 1 of her journey here:

 There is no cost to take this challenge. All you need to do is register your interest. We will add you into a closed Facebook Group of all challengers where you will receive links to all the program rules and tools to prepare and where we can all share our journey together. We will provide lots of support along the way. Anyone interested in switching to an unlimited ride card and placing their current ride card on hold can do so to up their ride time while on the challenge. 


SIGN UP NOW! Click the link below to contact us to register!





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to Sep 10

Thailand September


Just back from another epic trip to Thailand over Easter where we introduced 12 new people to some of the most confronting, intense training  in the world.. and they LOVED IT! 

Combine some of the toughest programs, with the toughest trainers  and the Thai heat and the end result.. physical and mental strength you've never reached before. You can't explain this trip to someone who hasn't been. All you can do is convince them to experience it for themselves.

So here's your chance! If you couldn't join us this Easter we are doing it all over again in September. Kick start Spring with this total body conditioning training package over 10 days from September 1st to Sept 10. Here's what you get:

- Return Airport Transfer from Phuket to Chalong

- 9 nights Twin Share or King Bed Luxury Room accomodation at Cocoville Resort Phuket

- 9 day meal package (Daily limit applies)

- 12 classes (your choice from the schedule) at Unit 27 Total Body Conditioning and Transformation Specialists

- Return transfer to Sunrise Buddha Walk 

Total Package Price $1000.

This is 10 days of dedicated training. Outside of classes you can plan your own trips to local beaches, sightseeing and from Saturday lunchtime to Monday morning training stops so you are free to plan trips to Phi Phi island or any other of the many surrounding islands.

If this sounds like the trip for you or for more information email us .

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to Apr 2

Vicious Fitness Escape to Thailand

This Easter do something different. Life changing different.

Some of you may have watched my journey in August as l stumbled across a little fitness village in Phuket where in a very controlled environment of food and fitness, people of every level of fitness and weight, embark from all over the world to put themselves through an intensive week or month of training to take themselves to a new level unexperienced before. 

Away from home and all it's distractions and temptations, surrounded by beautiful villa style accommodation, smoothie bars and endless massage options all you need to do is focus on the job at hand.. training.. twice a day. And not only is it the training that will challenge you as its some of the best in the world but add to that the heat and humidity and you got a new level of mental and physical challenge you need to quickly get in the game for. And you do! Quickly! One to two sessions in it begins to get addictive, you start to question "l wonder how many classes l could do a day!?" You start start to feel invincible!

This is a place where people go to to change something. Loose a lot of weight, increase their fitness to levels they have never reached before, build their mental strength, heal from a traumatic experience, a loss or heartbreak. They build themselves back stronger, fitter and ready to take on life in a brand new way. And we want to bring this experience to you!

If you could take one week out of your life to become a better you, a you that can then be a better you to the ones around you and in everything else you do then this is the week. There is enough time to plan it in, shuffle the kids, take the leave, mentally prepare and just drop all the other reasons why you cant do this for you and join us this Easter on a new fitness journey.

The training starts Good Friday March 25 and ends Saturday morning April 2nd. You need to be in Phuket on the Friday ready to begin the program.

The trip includes:

- 8 nights twin share* accomodation in a Deluxe Villa at Cocoville Phuket option for private villa available for additional price

- 2 main meals daily and 1 smoothie ( generous daily budget applies)

- Return airport transfers

- 8 days training (2 classes a day most days) at Unit 27 Total Body Conditioning Facility Class options include Functional Training, Crossfit, Open Gym, Spin, Olympic Weight Training, Boxing and Yoga.

- Day Trip to Phi Phi Island includes lunch on Bamboo Island

Package Price $1110 land only all inclusive.

$200 Deposit is required to secure your spot and places are limited. Jetstar flights start at around $750 return depending on your departure dates. 

Email now to register your spot!

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to Jun 5

Past Events

Part of the vision for Vicious Cycle when it was created was to hold big DJ driven events  that created a new way to festival for fitness fanatics minus the drugs and alcohol. 

In July and September 2012 we held two events in the studio where we brought up Melbourne DJ Mark John and used him live for a 3 hour Spinathon session. Both events were extremely successful. 

In December 2012 we held our first offsite event in a series we are calling sunset spinathon down on Bondi Beach outside the pavilion. It was a 2hour event and it was a huge success. We ran our second outside the Opera House in the Royal Botanical Gardens and the third in Dudley Paige Reserve. 

This year we also broke the World Record for the largest spin class outside the Overseas Passenger terminal in Circular Quay and also lead the spin classes at the Nike NTC tour which was a global event.

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