The Vicious Cycle Experience

The Vicious Cycle Program is a mind body cardio experience based on 4 pillars. MUSIC, MOVEMENT, MOTIVATION and MEDITATION.

We know how important music is to your cycle experience which is why we have designed a unique full body fitness program focused on the best original music. Our instructors will take you on a mind and body fitness journey that will leave you mentally, physically and emotionally stronger.

We use the best bikes on the market from Stages. Our bikes take only SPD compatible cleats. 

It's not only the music that makes us unique

Rhythm Riding has a reputation for intensity and yes, it can be intense - Indoor Cycling is a High Intensity Interval Program which has risks associated that can cause injury or death. If you have any existing medical conditions or if you are unsure if you are physically able to perform this type of exercise please seek medical advice before attending. 

Our classes are designed to take you on a journey that will engage and empower you. We invite all Riders of all levels to RIDE with us. 

The Vicious Crew will coach you to adapt your workout to your own comfort level and experience and are committed to not only delivering the ultimate workout but also educating you on how you can achieve the best result through more inspirational and motivational coaching. Our classes are not only about a physical result. We will take you on a multi-sensory journey that will have you walking out feeling not only fitter but brighter and more empowered than when you first walked in. 

It's time to BREAK THE CYCLE. Book a class now.

The Vicious Cycle Experience

  • Bikes can be reserved up to 7 days in advance. Our booking schedule opens each Sunday 8am to book Monday to Sunday each week. Walk ins are always welcome subject to bike availability.

  • If you have reserved your bike please arrive at least five minutes before your class as free bikes will be released at the start of each class.

  • If you are NEW to the program and never participated in a cycle class before we recommend you email us to arrange a FREE beginners workshop at

  • You can cancel your reservation up to 6 hours prior to each class with no penalty. We don’t accept cancellations over email, text or phone. Online only.

  • If you are a no show on the day your ride card will be deducted. Unlimited riders that no show will incur a $15 fee

  • Cycle shoes are provided to Vicious Cycle Riders. Classpass members can rent a pair for $2 per visit. Our bikes take only SPD compatible cleats.

  • We have full shower facilities with amenities and a blow dry bar. Lockers are provided however please bring your own lock. Towels are supplied.


  • HYDRATE: We can't express enough the importance of hydration. Not only during the class but before and after you ride. And its not enough to replenish with water alone. You MUST replace electrolytes lost in sweat. Please consult a medical expert for recommendations best suited to you. During the class Riders can bring their own bottles and fill them at our filtered water station or purchase cold bottled water from the front fridge. 

    EAT: We don't recommend fasted cardio. Please seek medical or nutritional advise before you sign up for classes on what is right for you and your body.  We recommend a full meal a few hours before the class or a light snack up to half-an-hour before.