The perfect team — dedicated to your experience.


Tanya Weeks, Director, Rhythm Rider Master Trainer

As a fanatic indoor cyclist for over 10 years l was looking for a big box gym alternative to vary my outdoor training when l moved to Bondi Beach.

During my search for a stand alone spin studio l came across various forums and blogs from people looking for the same thing and l instantly identified a gap in the market. Taking all the things l enjoyed in a spin class and thinking about the ones l felt were missing l came up with the concept for Vicious Cycle. I founded Vicious Cycle in 2011, Vicious Body in 2014 and Vicious Ed. in 2017.

I have Certificate 3 in Fitness, Schwinn Cycling Certification and Les Mills trained in RPM. The key principles l have based Vicious Cycle on, music, energy and first class coaching l have many years of experience in delivering.

My passion and energy for fitness and more importantly of indoor cycling is infectious and l intend to pass this on to each and every rider that passes through the door. Vicious Cycle has been a big dream for me and lm so happy to be able to deliver it to you. Hope you enjoy the ride, l know l have and the journey has only just begun!

Naomi Lees - Rhythm Rider Master Trainer and Co-Founder Vicious Ed.

Naomi hails from Orange in the central west where she was crowned Queen of Sport and found a love of cycling and all things group fitness. Working part time in gyms from the age of 18 Naomi has juggled a career in finance instructing classes either side of the equities market both here and in the UK. Naomi holds Certificate 3 in Fitness, is certified in  Excel Cycling and 6 Les Mills disciplines, including Advanced Instructor RPM. Naomi appreciates the enormous positive benefits that riding to music has on the mind body connection. Combining the latest pumping beats to a hardcore workout Naomi strives to have you feeling euphoric, inspired, stronger and better able to manage stress.  Walk in, clear your mind, loose yourself to the beat and become addicted to the most vicious endorphin rush!





Kristie Mientka - Rhythm Rider Leader

An American-bred veterinarian by day and Vicious instructor by night, I've been teaching spin for nearly three years. I'm motivated by music and am always looking to create new and killer playlists to accompany kick ass choreography. To me, mind body training means letting go of the mental baggage we all carry and pushing the body outside the familiar comfort zone. My goal in every class is to lead riders to that mental and physical release through a (seriously vicious) mind body workout.







Emma Parsons Crawford - Rhythm Rider Leader

As an expat living in the Philippines Emma tried out a local spin class as a way of meeting some new people and keeping fit and healthy. Having never done a spin class before and use to being in the water she instantly fell in love and officially became addicted to spiin. Months later she went onto leave her corporate job to pursue a career in fitness. She hasn't looked back since.  

Discovering Vicious Cycle has been a life changing experience, there is nothing better then riding to the beat with a room full of people all on the same wavelength as you. The adrenalin and connection you feel to everyone in that room is electric and so rewarding. You can’t take my classes too seriously, we will have a laugh, have a dance and speed through to the finish not leaving anyone behind.








Karl Head 2.jpg


Karl McKenna - Rhythm Rider Leader

is a natural born cycle instructor and all things movement related. With roots in Ireland but growing up in Sydney, from a young age Karl has been drawn to activities that allow him to put his never ending energy to good use. Constant involvement in school sports and weight training was just the beginning of his journey. He has now channeled his passions into being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor of which cycle plays a prominent role.

 Karl's classes are strong, technique challenging, energetic classes that will leave you wondering what happened to the last 45mins and how you become covered in sweat. His passion is contagious so take a chance and get infected!